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Guaranteed Business Building Technology

Technology is rapidly expanding, especially when it comes to computers and the Internet. If yours is like most businesses, you have enough on your plate just keeping up with the tasks involved in running it. Who has time to try to read up on the latest software or applied technology? This is where BizMontana can serve as a powerful asset to the growth of your business

Customer Communications

Regular communication is one of the most effective ways to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. By regularly sending out useful information, coupons, customer specials or targeted content, you'll dramatically increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Properly built opt-in customer email lists can be one of your business's most valuable assets. If you asked us what the one thing your business should do online, we would answer, "Build Your List"! Learn More - Contact Us Now

Social Marketing and Blogs

Online social marketing allows you to communicate and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals. When used creatively, blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube social sites can serve as completely new marketing channels that directly bring you new and repeat customers..

Cell phones are so widely used today, text messaging has an amazing response rate that can generate immediate and impressive results. Let BizMontana assist your business in opening its own social marketing network that delivers your message and maximizes customer response. Contact Us Now and Get Started Today

Specialized Software

Businesses often fail to realize that many processes can be completely automated either with existing software or through specialized programming. One of our clients paid an employee to process orders one by one, and over four hours per day were spent on this one task. BizMontana was able to streamline the entire process by designing specific software. Now the same task is completed in less then fifteen minutes!

You may not be able to find a perfect "off the shelf" software solution, but that doesn't mean what you need to accomplish can't be done! For over a decade, BizMontana has been developing specialized software that saves businesses time and money. In the case of our client processing orders one by one, we saved their business nearly $20,000 a year!

BizMontana can provide you with the personalized software solution that serves your business's needs and saves you money. Click Here and Let Us Help You

Online Meetings

Did you know that you can reach thousands of customers online and take them through a one hour presentation complete with audio, video, and graphical slides? For example, a nursery or landscaping business could produce an online webinar demonstrating the best ways to plant and grow conifers. This type of Internet event fosters positive customer relations, and it also increases sales!

The exact same process can be used to facilitate statewide employee meetings. It can be used for everything from sales training to sharing corporate goals and creating team spirit, but without the costs or downtime involved in traveling. One Montana State Department saved over $120,000 in travel costs last year by using this remarkable technology!

Streaming Feeds

Would you like to feature powerful HD video feeds, audio feeds, or pod casts on your existing website? These media formats use huge bandwidths and demand high speed server response. BizMontana can provide very cost effective solutions that allow your business to make the most of these trendsetting formats.

Open your mind to the possibilities of today's technology and all it can do to grow your business! Focus on what you do best - operating your business. Bring BizMontana on board to guide you through the technology maze and help leverage your business for maximum results. Contact Us Today and Let's Get Started!


BizMontana is dedicated to providing your business or organization with the most effective online web presence. With the fast paced and ever evolving internet technology and trends, it is important to have a professional guiding you every step of the way. contact us.

Montana Webmaster Case Studies

One of the tasks that was assigned an employee was to input the data entry and create the documents for every order processed. This task took around 4 hours per day-five days per week. BizMontana developed new software that turned this into a fifteen minute task. Just this single item has saved nearly $20,000 in the very first year.

Actual Case Study

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