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Videos Provide the Emotional Impact that Causes Visitors to Take Action

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Market Your Business with Online Videos

-Turn your prospects into customers with jaw dropping, cinema quality, online video commercials! Have you ever wondered why businesses spend billions of dollars each year on TV commercials? It's not too complicated. The reason why you see so many commercials on TV is because they work.

-Videos allow viewers to experience, feel and emotionally involve themselves with your products or services. That's precisely why video is such an effective persuasion tool.

-Online Video is undoubtedly the best way to present an idea, pitch a room, sell online, or simply get your message across in an entertaining way.

-You can use video to promote just about anything that you're selling. Since video can be used both online and off, video presentations are a great way to present your business, your product or yourself in a professional way.

-The most effective videos are ones that cause viewers to take action. That action may be to purchase your product or service, or it could be to provide a name and email so you can send out a free report with more information on your products or services.

Search Engines Love Videos

The fourth most popular website on the web today is YouTube, and it only makes sense to tap into this huge market.  The search engines provide page one listing to videos on many keyword search terms. Websites that provide videos also rank higher for local searches. When you provide a video that shows the details and demonstrates the benefits of a specific product or service, you can attract a great deal of website traffic.

BizMontana can provide your business or organization with web videos that will cause your viewers to take action, and you'll receive direct measurable results.

Free Web Video for Your Business or Organization

Each month we select one Montana Business or Organization to receive a high quality 60 second video that BizMontana will produce and distribute to over twenty online video websites. This is a $600 value! To qualify your business or organization, all you need to do is register here.  You'll want to come up with a special offer for viewers so you can see the measurable results a video can generate for your business. Your offer may be something such as, "Mention you saw this video and we'll give you a 10% discount (or free beverage, free sample, etc)."

Complete Video Production Services

BizMontana can provide your business with high quality marketing videos that highlight your products and services. Another powerful usage of videos is employee training, whether it's a multi-step computer based task or general training on the do's and don'ts involved in dealing with the public.  Training videos can save your business or organization thousands of dollars in time and resources.  Contact Us Today and Let's Get Started!

Video Distribution Services

BizMontana can distribute your video to over twenty online video websites. While YouTube does receive the bulk of traffic, there are several others video websites that can provide you with even more targeted visitors. It only makes sense to submit your videos to more of the sites your targeted market is visiting!  Don't spend hours submitting your videos manually. BizMontana can take care of this tedious and time consuming task for you.  Contact Us Today and Let's Get Started!


BizMontana is dedicated to providing your business or organization with the most effective online web presence. With the fast paced and ever evolving internet technology and trends, it is important to have a professional guiding you every step of the way. contact us.

Montana Webmaster Case Studies

A small manufacturing firm in Western Montana was selling around $10,000/month.  The very first month after BizMontana developed a complete online shopping cart AND Search Engine Optimized the product pages - the orders increased to over $100,000/month.  The internet is a huge opportunity and when you can tap into as effectively as BizMontana did - it can make a dramatic difference in your business.

Actual Case Study

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