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Open your business doors to the entire world by selling your products and services online! Why limit your sales to only those people who can walk through your doors during regular business hours? By establishing an online presence that is e-commerce enabled, you can sell your goods and services twenty four hours a day – seven days a week – all year long.

While most businesses already accept credit cards in their place of business, setting up a website to take credit cards for purchases requires a different type of merchant account. Online payment processing involves security and encryption requirements. This involves specialized coding to keep both the merchant’s and customers’ information completely secure.

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At BizMontana, we look closely at your firm’s anticipated volume of sales, the number of items you offer and the types of products and services you want to market online. We then identify the best payment processing solution for your business or organization.

We provide complete e-commerce services including credit card merchant accounts, shopping carts, online catalogs, SSL certificates, 128/256 bit encryption, Paypal, Stripe, and Google Checkout Systems setups. We can fully automate the entire online payment processing system for you.

BizMontana is Montana’s premiere website design company that can create website design ideas that will grow your business. Selling over the internet your products can create a new income stream for your business. We can build a secure online payment processing for small business and online credit card processing.

Whether you just want to sell a few items or you want a full blown catalog with thousands of items and a shopping cart, BizMontana can provide the expertise and programming that will make your online store a reality. We handle all of the technical issues so you’re free to focus exclusively on filling the new orders you receive. Contact Us Today and Let’s Get Started!

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What Makes a Great E-Commerce Store Design?

The single most important element is reliability and trust. If you want to encourage sales then you require a website that assures your customers information is secure when they’re entering their card information. If your site doesn’t look perfectly expert, then they will typically merely look somewhere else.

At the very same time, e-commerce shop style needs to utilize a layout that makes it as simple as possible for clients to make purchases. You need to ensure there are no barriers to a sale, so that you can encourage impulse sales. The ‘buy with one click’ function of Amazon is one of the greatest secrets to the business’s significant success; if there are a lot of steps associated with purchasing then many times you will simly lose the sale.

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However, it gets more complex than that too. The right e-commerce shop design should utilize the proper layout and organization in such a way to encourage more sales. You can encourage more sales of an item just by carefully selecting which product you place it next to and what color you make your ‘purchase’ button. Great e-commerce shop style needs an understanding of psychology. For over 19 years, BizMontana has been providing companies both here in Montana as well as internationaly with expert ecommerce solutions.

An online ecommerce website need to provide the most pertinent information that response’s the consumers’ search query for the services or product they are browsing. Understanding this important facet can make a major difference in whether your website pages are found in google search results.

In addition, the growing blur between online and offline commerce implies that Montana businesses need to preserve a strong online shop presence. It’s no longer exclusively about driving foot traffic from online ads or local search results page. Customers might purchase online and get in shop. Or purchase in shop and reorder online. Or book appointments online for offline sees.  Online Payment Processing – BizMontana

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Consumers anticipate these benefits and cross-media interactions to be smooth. Hence, local businesses need to be simple to discover both offline and online, to make their online experiences great and to create web pages that continue that online user experience.

What kind of information are you offering consumers concerning your products? If it is equipment such as electronic gadgets, then you need technical specifications and practical capability. Understanding what functions are consisted of in the cost assists determine worth. Google will prioritize search results that assistance customers make these choices. Opening your products and services through a well designed ecommerce shopping cart can make a major inpact on your total sales.

Customers will browse narrowly but deeply about particular topics. Helping break down the information into more easily understood headings and bullet points appears to be valued by Google. Unless you are offering high dollar items (cars, homes, and costly electronics), customers don’t wish to take as much time to study product information.  Sell Products Online – BizMontana

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It is essential for the eCommerce store owners to pursue search engine optimization (SEO) including other online marketing efforts, resulting in a higher rate of return. It is better to choose an eCommerce vendor that utilizes SEO immediately for your online store’s content. Together with SEO activities it is necessary to have strong Pay Per Click campaigns to market your products by keeping a right balance between SEO & Pay Per Click.

It is necessary to keep an eye on and track visitors’ activity for your store. Without web analytics, you will get no concept about your store’s efficiency and what’s happening in your site. You can utilize Google Analytics to fetch essential information for analysis purpose and Google AdWords to get targeted click results and a large traffic for your products in your online store.

Your web page needs to load quickly, it needs to present info in the right way and it needs to be free from mistakes. This is all part and parcel of terrific web design and web development.  Start selling online – Contact us today! Montana E-Commerce Website Development | BizMontana

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