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Businesses that watch trends and then position themselves for maximum returns are the same businesses that are growing, even in market downturns. Your ability to position your business at the forefront of today’s trends can catapult you ahead of the competition. You can leap frog over and leave behind those businesses that are stuck doing things the same old way they have for years!

Search engine marketing is another term for ‘SEO’ or ‘search engine optimization’. Either way, it deals with the process of gradually climbing the rankings of Google and other search engines so that you can build your audience and start directing more targeted traffic to your site that is actually searching for what you’re offering.

Search engine marketing offers fantastic ROI for businesses and webmasters. Once you’ve put in the ground work, you will have built a stable foundation that will ensure great visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which will in turn steadily drive traffic to your site for years to come.

Proven SEO Practices!

At BizMontana we are absolutely committed to doing things the right way. Our SEO practices have been proven to get results time and again while focusing on quality content and readability. We work with each client in order to provide a tailor made strategy that works within their budget and then we work tirelessly to execute that plan with precision. We have been providing SEO services for years now and always stay on top of the most recent updates and changes to ensure we’re right at the cutting edge.

What’s more, we offer complete transparency and communication at every step of the way. We never leave clients in the dark and ensure that you always know precisely what we’re doing to help you get to number one.

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A Perfectly Functioning Website Increases Profits

At BizMontana we understand every aspect of great web design, development and marketing and can build your site in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business. We create sites that work perfectly, that look beautiful and that thrive on Google.

How do you really know if a website is working? Because it will increase your traffic, your engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites that work for your business.

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Programming and Database Content

Online visitors today expect and rely on website interactivity to provide information and help them discover how you and your products fill their needs. Whether you need a simple contact form that’s resistant to spam, or you require a fully interactive shopping cart or you’d like to provide your visitors with a protected membership area, BizMontana can achieve your goals.

Using databases to manage and organize large volumes of information on products, inventory, customer purchase history and other data is the most effective way to integrate this information within your website. We are experienced at developing the full range of online programming that will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

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Montana Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

BizMontana has specialized in developing websites that are search engine friendly for over a decade. Effective search engine optimization is a two-fold process that involves both on-page and off-page factors. We utilize diverse, specific coding issues within your website to maximize your website’s appeal to search engines. We can also manage the off-page factors that directly impact search engine ranking, such as how other websites link to your website.

BizMontana specializes in optimizing websites for local search. Local Search optimization is a key factor that brings actual customers right through your business doors! Be found right when customers are looking to buy. Local Search can have a dramatic effect of increasing your walk in traffic.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines continually change the way they determine which websites achieve top search engine rankings. SEO is a website component best handled by knowledgable experts who understand the diverse factors behind search engine ranking. Learn More about how we approach and manage this rapidly changing technology to your advantage. Learn More

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Legal Compliance

Does your website confirm to Federal Trade Commission Rules?  How about compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?  Is your website compliant with California’s new privacy act? Does your website have a written cookie policy?  A recent online survey of over 500 Montana based websites found that well over 50% were not in compliance with current regulations.  Contact Us Today for a Free Compliance Evaluation
Website Legal Compliance

Mobile Website Compatibility

These days, increasingly more users are browsing the web on mobile devices rather of desktop computers. This has changed the dynamics of website design and it’s imperative that your website is viewable to these mobile devices.

At BizMontana, we offer the full variety of mobile website design services and can assist you to produce a site that will operate completely on any and all types of electronic devices.

Montana Mobile Website Builder

What is Mobile Website Design?

One big distinction is the screen size. Mobile phone will normally have much smaller dimensions than desktop, suggesting that the exact same designs will not necessarily work as effectively.

There are two ways to get around this issue. One is by utilizing a different ‘mobile site’ that will deal with mobile devices particularly. Another is to use responsive design, which implies your site will alter dynamically to fit the display it’s being seen on. Responsive style is by far the more effective method and has numerous advantages over other strategies– being viewable on a much wider series of gadgets for instance and is the route we go with our clients websites.

Mobile web design also means considering the practical considerations of a mobile website. Touch user interfaces for example will always be different from point and click interfaces- sometimes making menus inoperable. Other components like Flash animations simply will not load on mobile devices and need to be dropped entirely. Page load time optimization is always important with any site however it ends up being even more important when a mobile user is seeing your site through their smart phone.

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